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Case Study: Cured Nutrition

Cured is an early mover in the CBD wellness space, and they’re a leader in not only educating customers on the newly legal products and the benefits, but also in making the highest possible quality CBD products on the market. Healing people from the inside out.

The Challenge

Cured was a new brand with new products on the market, in an equally new industry of CBD products. With a growing social media presence, but no other digital marketing pieces in place yet, they had opportunity at their fingertips, but didn’t know the next step to scale. They joined forces with Jump to scale their business using email marketing, and later, SEO.

The Strategy

With no paid advertising budget, we focused our efforts on leveraging their existing social media following and their affiliate partners to drive email signups on the website using a variety of tactics. We strategically built out, and have continued to build out each month, new automated email flows to convert more new customers through email, and increase the lifetime value and purchasing frequency of existing customers.

The Results with Jump Influence

Email Marketing ROI
increase ecommerce email subscribers

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