Automatic Lead Machine

Automatic Lead Machine

Generate More, Easier.

Leverage a proven system for attracting more leads, closing more sales, and nurturing an ever-growing waiting list, on autopilot.


…you can either get more leads, or increase the percentage of leads you close.

Get you a system that can do both. 💃

(Here’s a sneak peek of how):

ALM Flow
Marie Wold

“I never really understood the value of email marketing until I started working with JumpInfluence, but now I have thousands of subscribers who are engaged and interested in my offerings! The best part is that it was SO easy — JumpInfluence took care of all of the set up and confusing logistics. All I have to focus on is doing what I do best, which is serving my audience!” -Marie Wold, Fitness Coach

Amanda Bucci

“There is nothing more powerful than having a place to speak directly to the people who are the MOST excited about what you have to say! JumpInfluence is not only incredibly good at what they do (and helped me grow my list to over 25k in a few short months), but they’re so easy to work with and I recommend them to anyone looking to powerfully build their brand!” -Amanda Bucci, Business Coach

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

Most new online coaches and consultants (maybe you too?) run their marketing like this:

  1. “I want new clients, so I should tell people on Instagram, etc.”
  2. “Hey everyone, you may or may not have ever heard of this or considered it before, but you should buy my coaching or consulting…it’s available now…”
  3. “Let’s talk on the phone…ready to buy?”
  4. “K bye.”

Here’s the thing—this basic method can actually work…for a little while if you’ve already built up some audience.

Eventually, if your audience stops growing, or Instagram changes its algorithm and only a fraction of your audience sees your posts, all of a sudden the pond doesn’t have as many fish in it as it used to, and you’re left hungry.

This is not theoretical, it’s inevitable.

There are a few other troubling results from this one-dimensional approach:

• Not everyone in your audience is interested in your offer, yet they get hammered with pitch after pitch, and stop paying attention forever.

• Newer followers don’t know you that well yet, so when being pitched to, your expertise and authority aren’t established properly because they aren’t properly indoctrinated

• When someone isn’t quite ready to buy yet, but would be in the future, the opportunity slips by without follow up


What if there was a way to make your offer only to the right people, and at the right times, and in the right way?..

And what if every person in your audience had the same opportunity to learn from you, grow to trust you organically, and potentially buy from you, regardless of when they discovered you?..

And what if it all happened on autopilot (even while you sleep)?..

How would a system like that change your income?

How much time in your day would you win back?


You’re a farmer, and you didn’t know it…

Running a client business is exactly like being a farmer. You have to seed and water before you can harvest.

Most people are just trying to plant the seed and harvest without watering, but seeds don’t grow without water.

Each person in your audience begins their journey as a seed (a.k.a. they discovered you).

Over time, you must water the seeds (a.k.a. teach them valuable things, establish trust and authority with your expertise).

Then when fully grown (a.k.a. they’re ready to buy), you harvest and eat (a.k.a. make the sale).

This is a pretty easy-to-understand concept that I think everyone would agree on.

Problem #1: If the seeds run out, there’s nothing to water or harvest.

Problem #2: If the seeds don’t get watered properly, they don’t mature and grow.

Problem #3: If the seeds don’t grow and mature, there’s nothing to harvest and eat, so you die.

We developed a proven system to help you capture new highly-targeted leads, nurture them individually, and sell to them when the time is right.

Best of all, the system is automated, feels personal, and is fully scalable so you can grow your business with no limits.

Oh, and our team of expert marketers will do all the heavy lifting to set it up for you.

Stop worrying about leads, and focus on the things you love and do best!